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Hatching the perfect lesson

At our school, we got the chance to hatch quail eggs. For a few weeks in the spring, we received 15 to 20 eggs to care for. When they hatch, we continue to care for them until the birds are a few weeks old. It is amazing to see them hatch and grow.

We raise the quails because the quail eggs and chicks are often prey to predators like raccoons, hawks, foxes and owls. Mature quails are beneficial to us because they eat pesky insects like ticks.

All we need to take care of the eggs and chicks are an incubator, quail food, water, wood shavings and a large box.

After about a month, we send the chicks to Caleb Smith Park. A few weeks later, they release the quails into the wild when they are mature enough to have a better chance of survival.

After raising the quails, we have learned a lot about raising live animals. It is a great experience to have in class.

You can do this in your school, too. We were able to get the eggs from the Quail of Eastwoods at


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