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Have a bite at Flo's in Blue Point, Patchogue

Have you ever been to Flo's? It is a really great luncheonette and has really nice and amazing staff. The original location is in Blue Point, but they just opened a new location in Patchogue.

Flo's has awesome food. You should try their famous hot dogs, waffle fries, crabcakes, and their awesome egg creams. It is located in a beautiful area right down the block from Corey Beach. You feel like you are in a tropical paradise. Flo's has been around for 80 years. They have a kids' menu. They have a great view and it's in a local area, so you can walk or bike there if you live nearby.

You can also order food and then have a picnic. Best of all, Flo's has a catering truck for all your partying needs. We interviewed Brendan from the staff at Flo's in Patchogue. He told us that kids almost always order the chicken fingers.

We wanted to know when they are open. Brendan said, "In Blue Point, we are open from late May to early September. In Patchogue, we are open all year long."

Everybody likes Flo's! Want to find out more? Look them up online:

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