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Good Evening

Have any movies made you cry?

I conducted a survey, asking kids around camp, "Is there a movie that ever made you cry, and, if so, which one?"

I got about 50 kids to participate, and I got some of the same answers. Six said "The Hunger Games"; five kids said "Titanic"; four said "Marley & Me"; three kids said "Megan Is Missing"; and two each said "Cast Away," "Cyberbully," "Up," "Underdog" and "Twilight."

Some of the other movies mentioned were "The Blind Side," "Radio," "E.T." "Soul Surfer," "My Sister's Keeper," "The Help," "Free Willy," "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" and "Taken."

Only eight kids said no movie had ever made them cry. As for me, I have a couple of movies that made me cry, "Radio" and "Cast Away."

I have not seen some of the movies the kids said made them cry, but I wouldn't want to see them just because I don't like to cry during movies.

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