Good Evening
Good Evening

Have fun, be safe when riding quads

When I was 8, I had my first experience on a quad. It was scary until I hit my gas and started to glide. I felt like I had done this a million times before.

Then I hit the big trails on our family friend's property. It was hard because there were logs everywhere. My quad was small so I got stuck on the logs a lot and I had to get pulled out by a winch. A winch is a really strong rope that can lift a lot. Then I got a new full-size quad. By then I had much more experience with riding.

Then I got to go on my first quadding trip for an entire weekend. I started to do doughnuts and go over really rocky terrain. I then went down a really steep hill and I rolled my quad. It hurt and I learned to not go too fast. Tips to have a fun and safe quadding trip:

1. Look where you are going and don't hit a tree.

2. Don't go too fast and don't get too wild.

3. Always wear a helmet and proper gear

4. Make sure you have fuel in the engine and have backup fuel.

5. Don't slam the brakes when going downhill.

6. Pack snacks and drinks.

7. Most important: Have fun!

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