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Have some fun on a long drive

Are you ever so excited to go on vacation, but first you have to survive the drive? Well, as a girl who has survived those unending car rides, I know how you feel.

Driving to Florida every year isn't such a pleasure, but when you have the right things to do, the time can fly right by.

I am here to introduce you to some ideas to keep yourself busy on those car rides. Whenever you have to get ready, take your iPod, Nintendo DS, etc. Well, did it ever cross your mind to get out your board games?

This article is going to bring up some new ideas for these car rides.

1. Play I Spy.

2. Make a sentence with a car's license plate. (If the license plate is ALR2456, then make a sentence with the letters -- like "A little red girl is 2,456 years old." Make it humorous.)

3. Mad libs

4. Cloud pictures (Try to make shapes out of the clouds and count how many you find.)

5.Banana or Skittles (Every time you see a yellow car, say banana. Every time you see a red car, say Skittles. Count how many you find.)

6. Audio books

7. Count how many red lights you see. (Tally them; there may be a lot.)

8. Color/draw

9. Count how many cars you see with antennas. (They are on old-fashioned cars. You don't see them a lot these days.)

Maybe these ideas will help pass the time during your next long, long car ride.


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