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Having fun in school clubs on Fridays

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Penelope Henshaw, Malverne

PS 79’s Fun Friday Clubs are the best! As the name says, every Friday afternoon at 7th period, it’s clubs, clubs, clubs for every fourth- and fifth-grader.

There are many club cycles throughout the year, so students have a chance to select a particular club of interest. Kids can choose math, board games, chess, science experiments, scrapbooking, dance classes, art, and boot camp (that’s marching).

Fourth-graders took a survey of how they liked the clubs, and they made suggestions for future ones. Classmates Oscar Du, Derek Li and Luca Perez surveyed 204 kids in our school about how they felt about Fun Fridays.

These are the results of their survey:

Of those 204 kids, 187 think it is a great program. When asked what other things they would like to do on Fridays, kids suggested more sports (soccer, baseball, and basketball). Some kids wanted yoga, others wanted origami, cooking classes or computer games.

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