I was given Hurricane Reusable Water Balls (Prime Time Toys) to test out. Here are the results.

Filling up the water ball is easy; you just need to find the hole on the top. The rubber flaps open to let water in and then shuts on their own for a tight, secure seal. After you fill them, the fun begins.

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Here are some pros and cons about the balloons. One pro is that when you throw the balloons, they don’t pop, so you don’t have to clean up balloon pieces afterward. Another pro is that when you throw them, there is still some water left so you can throw them again. If you have a lot of these water balloons at once, you could have a lot of fun. One con is that when you throw the balloons after they are filled up, they can possibly hurt someone. That’s really it for these water balloons.

I can see myself using these in the summer. I really suggest buying these balloons.