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Having fun with words in Scrabble Club

We have a Scrabble Club in our school. This after-school program meets three days a month and is available to all fifth- and sixth-grade students. Directed by Megan Zimmer, Scrabble Club allows students to improve their spelling and have fun doing it.

We asked Scrabble Club members what they thought of the club.

"It's a very interactive program, and my favorite part is when you win candy at the end," says Nicole Malatino.

When we arrive at Scrabble Club, the first thing we do it take attendance. Next, we pick our groups. Then, we have a 30-minute gaming period. At the end, all the points are tallied up and the team with the most points from each group is allowed to take pieces of candy as their prize.

Scrabble is a great program, and we think all schools should offer it.

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