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Help a neighbor by donating to Angels of Long Island

Angels of Long Island uses donations to help

Angels of Long Island uses donations to help people going through a difficult time. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Meaghan O’Keefe

Looking for somewhere to donate those old clothes and toys? Angels of Long Island is a fantastic organization in need of those old items. It is a nonprofit organization that has grown during the past years. Its goal is to help people who have recently been going through hardships.

These hardships can be anything from losing a family member or being in a bad financial situation. The organization began with Debbie Loesch and her daughter, Brittany, assisting a neighbor who financially needed help after her granddaughter was suddenly put into her care. They ended up using social media and asking for clothes of the granddaughter’s size. According to Debbie: “The responses were overwhelming.”

Little time passed until they heard about another tragedy within their neighborhood. A woman living in a hotel room with her teenage daughters was battling Stage 4 cancer. Debbie and Brittany came to the rescue.

Debbie used her own hardships as a reference point through her journey of creating the organization. She said it was time for her to give back. Within five months, it grew from two members to thousands. The address is 54 Association Rd., Bellport, NY 11713 ( Donating to this organization is not only cleaning your closet, but also helping others in need.

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