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Helping kids with special needs play lacrosse

Teaching lacrosse skills to special-needs kids can boost

Teaching lacrosse skills to special-needs kids can boost their confidence. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Lingfei Zhao, Syosset

Every summer at Bay Shore High School, a great program takes place. These are activities that help special-needs children get better at playing lacrosse. You have a buddy that you work with, and if you have a kid who wants to do this, let them do it, because it is the best fun.

With my buddy, I start trying to teach them how to catch and throw the lacrosse ball. I go over to them and adjust their body so they know how to throw the lacrosse ball. Then I show them how to catch — I tell them to make eye contact with the ball and contact with the stick.

Then we start showing them how to shoot the lacrosse ball. I tell them to point their shoulder at the lacrosse net and shoot it as hard as they can and then the lacrosse ball should go in the lacrosse net.

At the end, we take our buddies and we run around the track. I think that is good for your kid because it gets them to motivate themselves and it makes them feel like they can do anything in the world.

We hope this helps kids with special needs go outdoors and encourages them to do their best, and this makes them feel happy.

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