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I like helping my mom in her classroom

Kidsday reporter Brooke Mazzei and her mom, Dawn

Kidsday reporter Brooke Mazzei and her mom, Dawn Mazzei, in the classroom where she teaches at the Grace Playschool. Credit: Mazzei family

Growing up, you think that your parents are capable of doing anything and everything. Eventually, you realize that sometimes they need a little help. I like to help out at my mom’s school.

Of course, because I am only 12, I have my own school to go to, but on snow days, and half-days, I help her out. My mom is a pre-K teacher at Grace Playschool in Lynbrook.

As much as working with 4-year-olds all year is super fun, it is equally difficult. Over the many months that my mom teaches, she has many expectations to complete. Some of those expectations include teaching students their phone number, addresses, shapes, colors, how to read, and even how to pronounce words correctly. I know this doesn’t seem so difficult, but imagine doing this job while you are dealing with tantrums and accidents. Some things I do when I help out is read the kids a book and help with projects that they do. Overall, being able to help out someone like my mom when she needs me is awesome.

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