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Helping my mom at her day-care business

You can learn a lot about responsibility when

You can learn a lot about responsibility when caring for young children. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Alana Peters

Lots of kids have parents who own a business. My mom did for a while. It was a day-care service. When you think about that, you probably think of changing diapers and doing gross stuff. Well, actually some of that is true, but we also did a lot of fun and really cool things, too.

We went on a lot of fun trips. We had pizza-making days and theme movie days, but the best part was during nap time. I did not have to sleep like the babies — I got a chance to read. My favorite part of helping in the day care was not being treated like a baby. For example, instead of being in the day care doing baby things, such as doing circle time and singing baby songs, I got to help. I felt mature and responsible. People should definitely go help out at a day care.

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