Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Helping out at Book Bingo

I help out at the Saltaire library for Book Bingo every Monday evening. It is a fundraiser for the library. In return, I get a chocolate bar, a book and, the first time, a T-shirt. I don't do it so much for the rewards, but for the fun. I feel good when I do it.

What we do is set up by moving the tables, getting the Bingo boards, bean bag cushions and candy out, and putting the book prizes on the table and on the rug. Then we sell Bingo boards and candy. After everyone gets there, we start to play. We take turns picking and reading numbers. Afterward, we help the little kids pick books for their prizes and then, once everyone leaves, we clean up. The cleanup is serious. There are candy wrappers everywhere, books strewn all over the tables and on the rug, bean bags scattered all around, and almost every time a lost item or two. After the cleanup, we put the lost items in the lost and found.

My favorite thing about Book Bingo is having the feeling that I am helping -- and I also really like it when my little sister gets a Bingo! It is an amazing experience.

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