Good Evening
Good Evening

Helping out at Dad's store is fun

Have you ever worked at a convenience store? Well, if you haven't, then you're missing out on a lot. Ask me, I am 10, and I help out at my dad's store on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.

My dad has been selling candy, chips, water, soda, granola bars, gum and newspapers for about 3 years.

I not only help out, but I have fun. I get to know many of the regular customers and talk to them. I make new friends when any kids come to the store. I go around the store making sure everything is in place, or I sweep up to keep it looking good. I like when I make new friends.

One day when I had just come home from school, my dad was cutting something out of the newspaper. My mom asked what he was clipping. He told her that our store was in the newspaper. You should have seen the expression on my face.

The store had been in the newspaper because of the huge line of customers. There were so many people because the Powerball's (a lottery game) cash reward had set a record for being the biggest.

Helping out isn't just fun, it also feels good, and it's better if it's someone you love. I wanted to help out and make things easier for my dad.

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