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Helping out at my father’s wholesale bakery in Rego Park

Kidsday reporter Joshua Mulkandov in his dad's Golden

Kidsday reporter Joshua Mulkandov in his dad's Golden Star Bakery in Rego Park. Photo Credit: Mulkandov family

A few times a week after school, my brother, Ethan, and I go with my dad to his bakery, where he makes Italian cookies, rainbow bars, pastries, and sugar-free, fat-free and low-carb cookies. Its name is Golden Star Bakery.

One way I help out is when the workers finish putting the cookies into small plastic boxes, I stack them into bigger cardboard boxes so the workers can put them into a big van. Since the boxes are very heavy, we use a lift to carry the boxes upstairs. I get to push the button to make the lift go up with the boxes on it. I think it’s super-cool because I can see the chains of the lift moving up and down, lifting the heavy load. It is not really what you see every day.

The bakery is located in Rego Park. It is not your ordinary bakery — you can’t just come in and buy cookies or cakes at a counter. It is a wholesale bakery where they make cookies and pastries and sell them to big and small stores. My dad is going to move this bakery to Brooklyn as soon as the construction in the new place is done.

I think my dad’s business is pretty cool, and I learned about what goes into making cookies.

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