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Good Evening

Helping out in our community

A part of our school's core values is helping in our community. You cannot graduate middle school without community service hours. There are so many opportunities for community service, especially with the Ladies' Village Improvement Society in East Hampton and our school's Surf Riders club. We participate in beach cleanups, weeding our community park and feeding cats in need.

The LVIS organizes many projects, and among these are the tree cleanups. In the cleanups, kids kneel down in some mulch and pick out the weeds from tree planters that line our streets. You may call us tree huggers, but it preserves something that is held dear among members of our community.

Another way to get involved is by cleaning up our beloved beaches that are scattered with garbage. Our school has the Surf Riders club, which focuses on environmental protection and awareness. This club goes out to beaches around East Hampton and cleans up as much garbage as possible. I did a beach cleanup once with my friends and we had so much fun while doing something great for our community.

The East End of Long Island was originally a farming community and as a result there were many feral cats in the area to help with rodent control at the farms. Today, although the large farms are long gone, there are many cats in our neighborhoods do not have homes. Local residents have built mini cat homes and feeding stations throughout the area. One way to help out these cats is by replenishing their food supply and putting fresh hay down for their beds.

These three activities are just some of the many things you could do for community service.

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