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Helping to make ‘We Care Blankets’

Kidsday reporter Faith Roben of Sayville and her

Kidsday reporter Faith Roben of Sayville and her grandmother, Barbara Carroll, make blankets that are donated to ill children. Credit: Mary Roben

My granny and I joined “We Care Blankets.”

First you make blankets by crocheting them. Then you give the blankets to the church and the church gives the blankets to a group of women that wraps each blanket in pretty paper. Next, the group of women brings the blankets to different hospitals and the hospitals give the blankets to the children that are very sick.

My granny, Barbara Carroll, and I feel really bad for the children in the hospitals so that is why we decided to make and give the blankets. My granny has made about 35 blankets and she taught me how. I never asked my granny how she learned, but I bet she learned from her mother or one of her closest friends. We try to make the blankets as fast as we can so the children can have a warm blanket. When we give the blankets to the children we feel so bad for those children in the hospitals but when we make them, we feel good about ourselves. We hope that you can join something just like we did. It takes a long time to make the blankets, but all that time is worth it.

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