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Hess toys are my favorite thing to collect

Kidsday reporter Brandon Ortiz of Daniel Street Elementary

Kidsday reporter Brandon Ortiz of Daniel Street Elementary School, Lindenhurst, with his Hess car and truck collection. Credit: Kaitlin Nocera-Ortiz

Do you like collecting toys or books? I collect Hess toys. If you don’t know what Hess is, it is a collectible truck, car, airplane or helicopter.

The person who started it all was Leon Hess. Before Hess toys there was a gas company called Hess, too. I have more than 30 Hess trucks and they’re fun toys.

My dad started collecting Hess toys with his father. Then I started collecting them with him. He has about 50 of them by now. I have only about 30. I give the Hess company five smiles because the toys are durable and fun. The Hess trucks, cars and planes have awesome lights and sounds. I started my collection in 2009. I play with them sometimes, but I store them very carefully in my closet.

If you want a Hess toy, ask your parents. They always have new toys coming out every year. The 2018 Hess toy is an RV with an ATV motorbike and an RV. It sold out very quickly. You can find Hess toys at stores or online at places like Target or Amazon. 

Michelle Perino's fourth-grade class, Daniel Street Elementary School, Lindenhurst

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