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We love to collect Hess trucks

Kidsday reporters and Hess truck collectors, from left,

Kidsday reporters and Hess truck collectors, from left, Hazim Khan, Ava Thomson, Christina Ayres and Chelsea Koelling. Credit: Heather Mason

We love Hess trucks! Chelsea started her collection in 2005, when her mom gave her first truck. Her mom was getting her brother a Hess truck from Santa. Chelsea liked them so much that she started collecting with him. Now, when her brother gets a new truck, she makes sure that they are put away safely.

Hazim remembers his uncle giving him trucks for the holidays. He thought that it was really amazing that the trucks came in all sizes and configurations. He has three or four very special Hess trucks that he keeps safe in his room.

Ava has eight trucks. Like Hazim, she really likes the different types of trucks and what they do. The trucks have been given to her by her uncle, mom and Santa. She thinks they are cool.

Christina has collected Hess trucks for six years. Her parents always give her a new truck at Christmastime. Her favorite is the one-of-a-kind 50th Anniversary Hess truck. It is like an oil tanker with a window to see the mini oil tanker inside. She likes to look at the trucks because they are so interesting.

Sue Casey, Debbie Dombrowski, Heather Mason and Kerstin Murphy’s seventh- and eighth-grade students, Jonas E. Salk Middle School, Levittown

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