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Hills on Stage, like a 'mini Broadway'

Do you enjoy watching or being in fun, exciting plays? Well, if you do, you'll be interested in Half Hollow Hills district's play group Hills on Stage. It's like a mini Broadway show. If you are in this district and you are interested in acting and being creative, you should try out for the play. Only fifth-graders from Half Hollow Hills elementary schools can try out. Everyone who wants to be in the play needs to try out. In fact, it is tough to make the final cut. We had some very nice, supportive adults helping us with this experience.

First, we had our fabulous director, Lucille Kenny. Our play's coordinator was Lois Krawitz. She was very creative and loved us. Last, but definitely not least, was the music teacher, Nathan Swift. He taught us how to sing the songs beautifully. In fact, we sang and danced our hearts out in this wonderful musical.

We all felt like Broadway stars onstage. It was an experience that will be remembered forever by the actors and audiences who participated in the production of "The Little Mermaid."

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