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Hip Pickles drum band’s good vibrations

Invite Hip Pickles to your school. and maybe

Invite Hip Pickles to your school. and maybe you can get into the act. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Nicholas Gambino

Have you ever sat on a cold cafeteria floor, let’s say about an hour and a half, without shifting your weight from one leg to another? Wait, you can’t do that, you’re sitting. Well, in any case, I am going to tell you about this wonderful band that comes to our school.

The band’s name is Hip Pickles ( You may be picturing a hip-shaped pickle, but the actual logo is a pickle with sunglasses, a hat, and a shirt with Hawaiian flowers. It also has white gloves on its little pickle hands.

We enter the cafeteria and sit on the floor as the audience. We wait for everyone to arrive, so we can begin.

As soon as everyone arrives, the drumming begins. When they play on the drums, you can feel the vibrations of those loud drums. It is amazing to be able to feel that!

After they play a few songs, they get out their extra drums and choose about 20 kids to go up and play with them. Then, sometimes, they have three kids dance or sing.

For their bravery, for dancing and singing in front of three grades, they are awarded a pen. This isn’t just any pen, though. It has the Hip Pickles logo as a bobblehead on the top of the pen.

Get them to your school! You won’t be disappointed.

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