Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Have you ever been to a farm? We have. There is a farm only a short walk from our school. We visited Bethel Hobbs Community Farm with our class. It's right on Oxhead Road in Centereach.

James Hobbs and his family came to Long Island in 1906 and started this farm. It was owned by members of his family until the 1990s. It was left to Bethel AME Church in Setauket after one of the family members died. Now people from the church take care of the farm. They donate the food they grow to local food pantries. There is also a farm stand, and you can buy the vegetables they grow right there. One of the nicest things about this farm is the community garden with 24 plots. For a fee, you can rent one of the plots and grow fresh vegetables for your family.

People can volunteer there, too. When we went to the farm in the fall, we planted garlic and ate some parsley. We went again in the spring to help plant more vegetables. Most of the food raised is donated to a local food pantry. We are happy we can help the people who need food. If you want to volunteer, email them at Depending on the season, you can do different things. You can plant seeds, pull weeds or even help harvest the vegetables.

When you go, make sure to wear old clothes and old shoes. You probably will get a little dirty! In the summer, you should wear sunscreen. You can bring garden gloves and tools, too. At the end of the day, you can take some vegetables home.

We had a lot of fun at the farm. We hope we persuaded you to go there, too. Hobbs Farm is always looking for volunteers. Peace, love and vegetables! For more,

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