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‘Home Run’ by Tim Green is a hit

Kidsday reporter Josiah Youmans says baseball fans will

Kidsday reporter Josiah Youmans says baseball fans will enjoy "Home Run" by Tim Green. Photo Credit: HarperCollins

In April every year Major League Baseball starts their season, ever since the late 1800s. People from all over the nation gather around televisions and ballparks to watch their favorite teams take the field for a long season. The legendary Yankees always seem to give the city something to cheer about, but as of late the Mets gave the city that same feeling. The Mets lost in the 2015 World Series to the Kansas City Royals. As a baseball fan, I look forward to a great season for both New York teams.

If you like the game of baseball and you are a strong reader, then you should read the book “Home Run” by Tim Green (HarperCollins). This book is about a teenager, Josh, and his struggles on and off the field. Josh is a really good player, but everything seems to fall apart for Josh when his dad leaves the family to move to Florida, forcing his mom, baby sister and Josh to move into a small apartment in a bad part of town. Just when Josh seems to lose all hope, his friend Benji tells him about a contest that the league is running during their travel season. If Josh hits 20 home runs during the season, he will win a brand-new house for his family. If you want to find out if Josh wins the contest, you should read “Home Run.”

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