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Homework time is a challenge to LI kids

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Ava Niedermyer

Have you ever thought that you had too much homework? Have you ever wondered how much homework is fair? We conducted a survey and asked the question everyone wants answered: How much homework is too much? We realized that having no homework is not an option. So we agreed that we should decide together what’s fair. We surveyed 41 sixth-grade students and asked them to choose which option they felt was the best.

Eighteen of the kids we surveyed felt that 1 hour, 20 minutes of homework each night was enough, but it should be divided evenly between math, English language arts, social studies and science.

Seven kids felt that we should spend more time on math each night and less time on the other subjects because math is so complicated for many kids.

Eleven kids felt that we should spend more time at night on homework. An hour and 20 minutes might not be enough to prepare for high school.

Five kids disagreed with the first two choices and felt that math and reading / ELA should be at least an hour a night and the rest could be devoted to other work.

Battles about homework have been raging for decades, but will we ever come to a conclusion?

Karen Landsman’s sixth-grade class, Polk Street Elementary School, Franklin Square

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