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Homework vs. chores: What would kids prefer to do?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Joseph Malossi, Sayville

I did a survey to ask all the students in fifth grade at my school if they would prefer to do homework or chores after school. A total of 115 kids responded to the survey.

Chores: 60

Homework: 45

Chores won in the tight race. They were only 15 votes apart. I was very surprised by the results.  I personally like homework better. I do not get paid for doing chores, but some kids do. I wonder if that is why chores won.

If I could make another survey, I would ask, who gets paid for chores and who does not? Some of the chores might be fun. Some kids like to mow the lawn, other kids like to keep their rooms clean so they are not living in a mess.

Kids would rather not have homework, that is for sure. Even though it might make them smarter, they would rather leave the schoolwork in school.  

Tara Dungate and Veronica Weeks' fifth-grade class, Bretton Woods Elementary School, Hauppauge

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