Every year, at Harbor Country Day School, we have an event called Hoops for Heart. It is a charity that was created by the American Heart Association. Our physical education teacher started the Hoops for Heart tournament in our school 11 years ago to raise fitness awareness among students and staff. Our school has a basketball tournament that raises money for Hoops for Heart. Each year several teams are formed. There are three people per team, usually one boy, one girl, and a teacher. Each team plays five 10-minute games. Teachers who don’t want to play keep score. Every team gets to play three games, plus the semifinals and the finals. Parents and teachers donate money toward the cause. Hoops for Heart gets people to exercise in a fun way, and it helps some people realize that they have to start working out and become more fit. It also helps kids bond and meet new friends. Hoops for Heart is a great way to exercise with your friends and have fun.