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Why I love riding- and a horse named Ginger

Kidsday reporter Tiffany Cheung riding her favorite horse,

Kidsday reporter Tiffany Cheung riding her favorite horse, Ginger. Credit: Cheung family

Horseback riding fills me with joy. I love it so much because I don’t have to think about all the pressure from school.

I ride at Hunters Grove in Glen Head. They have a summer camp I went to, and that was a lot of fun. At camp, we learned how to groom horses and ride bareback, which is when you ride without the saddle. 

I learned you should never go behind a horse or they might kick you with their back legs. You should never yell or run near a horse, otherwise you might spook them. All horses have their own personality and act differently.

I go to the barn one or two times a week in the spring and fall. My favorite horse is Ginger. I got to know all the horses at the barn since my friends have been riding there longer and they always show me all the different horses after their lessons.

Before every lesson, I help my friends tack up the horses. This is when you put the saddle and bridle on. After the lesson, we feed them carrots. When you are on a horse, it feels like you are driving a really bouncy car, but without a steering wheel. I want to continue horseback riding and hopefully, one day, I can own a barn and be with horses every day.

Nancy Feinstein’s Girls on the Run Club, Williston Park

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