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Horseback riding lessons are summer fun

I go to Greenrose Farm for horseback riding lessons. I love going there. Everyone is so nice and they have a lot of horses -- 20 to be exact.

They have nice people to take care of the horses, and they must do a good job because the horses are always clean. They have horses that are good for beginner riders and horses that are good for advanced riders.

I am a beginner, so I ride Teddy.

I like Teddy, he is a gentle horse. I learned how to walk and use the reins to steer and stop Teddy. I like to pet him when I am done riding him.

They offer horseback riding lessons all year, even in the winter. When it's yucky outside, you can ride inside. They give about 50 riding lessons a week.

It is very hard to train the horses. You need a lot of experience. You need to teach the horses how to walk, trot, run, stop and many other things.

I recommend this farm, and I think you should go there, too.

Check them out online: The stables are at 120 Dayton Ave., Manorville.

Call 631-395-2710.

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