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My hotel key cards hold happy memories

Kidsday reporter Juliana Cerasi, of Wantagh Middle School,

Kidsday reporter Juliana Cerasi, of Wantagh Middle School, with her hotel key card collection. Credit: Cerasi family

Do you travel a lot? My family and I do, and we usually stay in hotels. We make lots of memories and always get sad to leave.

From the hotels I’ve been to, I have collected more than 110 key cards. No, it is not stealing.  You can ask the hotel if you can keep the card. Once in a while, I look over the cards and try to remember which sports tournament or other important event we attended that trip. For example, one of my cards says All American. I remember going to my sister’s lacrosse tournament in Maryland and I visualized what it was like then when my sister was in the Under Armour tournament. Every time I look at the cards, I think of the fun and happy memories.

Another memory I visualized from my key card collection comes from the cards that say Hilton Honors; this happens to be the card that I have the most. I remember going there with all of my family members multiple times, and every time was for a tournament. The hotel was really close to the field, so it was easy to get there in the morning. Even though the hotel was great, the pool parties after the games were the best.

The last card that I always think about says Sheraton. It reminds me of when I, my friend, my nana and my mom went to my brother’s soccer tournament in Virginia. That was a little over five years ago. That shows how long I have been collecting these cards and why they mean a lot to me.

Valentina Gatti and Bonnie Hersch’s sixth-grade class, Wantagh Middle School

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