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Good Evening

You can really be yourself when you are acting

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Emily Snyder

Acting is an extraordinary art. There are so many different ways to describe it. There are so many different things that you can do with this talent. When you are in an acting class you can be yourself without anybody judging you.

If you have any interest in acting, I personally think that you should try it because you can feel as if you’re in a whole new world. Acting and musical theater can help you take your mind off anything and relieve stress because some people can find music and songs soothing. Pretending to be someone else in a play or skit is another way to relieve stress because you can tune into their character and their emotions and forget what your emotions are.

Another way that acting can help is sometimes you can admit how you are feeling without really admitting it. The last way that acting can relieve stress is when you perform in front of an audience, because you learn to not care about what other people think about you.

Acting can make you a better person. Anything that is worrying you or is taking away from your life can be helped by taking an acting class. 

Nancy Bachety's sixth-grade class, Port Jefferson Middle School

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