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How cheerleading can help you make new friends

Teamwork and trust are important in both cheerleading

Teamwork and trust are important in both cheerleading and friendship. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Emily Brennan

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Cheerleading is a great way to make new friends. Once you start cheerleading, you end up meeting so many kind people and having so many friends. After one month of being on a team, you will feel like family. The main reason why cheerleading helps you make new friends is that when you are around kids from different schools, you talk to them almost instantly, which leads to having a strong friendship.

Another reason is that cheerleading is based on trust. For example, the flyer (a cheerleader lifted into the air in a stunt) has to trust the bases (cheerleaders who hold up the flyer) and the backspots (who help the flyer stand) to catch them, and the bases have to trust the flyer to not hit them. You can’t trust somebody without knowing them well, and if we didn’t all have one another’s trust, we wouldn’t be successful.

Whether you’ve cheered before or it is brand-new to you, it is an awesome way to meet other kids. So grab your pompoms and make new friends.

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