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Good Afternoon

How did we get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice

Kidsday reporter Vivian Laskowski in front of Carnegie

Kidsday reporter Vivian Laskowski in front of Carnegie Hall, where she sang with the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra. Credit: Laskowski family

I am a proud member of MYO, the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra. In order to get into the chorus, you must audition for some of the conductors. We have practices every Tuesday evening at Herricks High School. I am very devoted to singing with the chorus. I really enjoy these times when I don’t have to worry about the world and can just have some time for myself to do what I love. This is my fourth year singing with MYO.

Besides singing on Tuesdays and having concerts, we also get many other great experiences from this chorus. One of these opportunities is singing in Carnegie Hall in Manhattan. All the families of the children singing, as well as others who buy tickets to see us perform, come to the concert. We sang many classical pieces, as well as some pieces in a different language.

I also sang the National Anthem twice at Islanders games, as well as one Mets game. This was great because we got to be on TV, as well as meet a couple of the players on each team. This also shows that if you’re a kid and you put your heart and soul into something that you really want, you have to try hard until you can achieve your goal.

In the future I think that this will be useful to put on my resume and just have the experience to do so many great things in my early life.

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