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Good Evening

How eye contact during a conversation shows respect

Show that you're paying attention by making eye

Show that you're paying attention by making eye contact, but not staring. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Nicole Labate, Miller Place

Most people can’t bear too much or too little eye contact. Scientists experimented on more than 500 people by showing them videos of an actor or actress staring back at them. Most people looked away from the screen.

Making eye contact indicates that you are paying attention and being sincere and confident during a conversation. My mom takes a speech class, and she came home and gave me this advice. As long as you are not giving a person a “hard stare” you will not make the person uncomfortable.

Here’s how you can make a person more comfortable while you are having a conversation.

1. Focus on the person’s face for four seconds.

2. Focus on the person’s eyes for four seconds each.

3. Glance at the person’s nose, chin, and forehead for one or two seconds each. Repeat again and again until your conversation is over.

Remember, eye contact isn’t staring, but it does show respect to the person you are talking to.

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