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65° Good Afternoon

How I build simple ramps with bricks and wood planks

Kidsday reporter Christopher Hauff on a ramp he

Kidsday reporter Christopher Hauff on a ramp he built in his yard. Photo Credit: Hauff family

I like to build ramps and bridges with wood planks in my backyard.

To build a bridge, you need to get some bricks and then stack them. (I recommend four or five bricks to each plank of wood.) Then take the planks and place them on top. Be sure to use wide, sturdy boards. Keep doing that until you have the bridge you want to make.

When you are done, you can ride your scooter across the bridge. Before you ride, ask your mom or dad to inspect it to make sure it is sturdy, because it can be dangerous. And be sure to wear a helmet when you ride.

I started building because my dad works on building skyscrapers and works on high buildings. I also want to be an engineer and build stuff when I grow up. I think it’s fun to build stuff because you can try to make anything you want, just by using your imagination and some effort.

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