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How iMovie turned us into filmmakers

We love making movies. To make the movie the best it can be, we use a program called iMovie. The program can do almost anything you want to your movie, but it only comes on Apple products. You can make fantastic movies on iMovie and have fun with it.

Making movies with your friends is such a fun way to spend your day. Wearing costumes can make your movie even more fun. We'll use funny or serious costumes, depending on our movie idea.

All the costumes we use are from Halloween or dance recitals when we were younger. They look pretty funny on us now. We sometimes put on makeup to make us look more like the characters we are supposed to be.

One of the best types of movies to make on iMovie is a horror movie. You can use musical effects to make the movie super scary.

Our movies are usually five to 10 minutes long. The longest and best movie we ever made was a remake of "Harry Potter" that was an hour long.

If you're bored at home, just make a movie. You can have any idea you want for your movie and make it great with iMovie. We've probably made a hundred movies, and all of them are fantastic after we add effects and edit them on iMovie.

We even made a movie just for Kidsday.

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