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How is your school year going?

Photo Credit: Kidsday illustration / Anna Tripoli

We are now two months into the new school year. How is it going for you? Here are some signs that you’re going to have a good or bad year:


  • You’re already on the teacher’s bad side.
  • You trip in front of everyone in the hallway and your books and papers go all over the place.
  • You still don’t know how to open your locker.
  • You spill something on yourself in the cafeteria, and kids remind you of it all the time.


  • You’re up studying late even though you know that you are going to fall asleep.
  • You are still close with your friends that you have known since you were younger.
  • Your locker isn’t a complete mess.
  • You haven’t lost anything . . . yet.

How is your school year going?

I am in seventh grade at Merrick Avenue Middle School. This is the first time I have been in a big school. It was a big change for me because my elementary school was very small. So far, my year is going great. I haven’t been late to any of my classes, and my locker is neat. I do my homework every day and study hard for tests. If your school year isn’t going as planned, those are some things you can do to possibly turn it around. You have to be dedicated and have to want to strive to do good work. School isn’t a walk in the park, but if you work hard enough, you will have a great year. Even if you show signs of a bad year, school will always give you a second chance!


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