Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

How Kidsday inspired me

It all started when I heard this horrible news that the forest near my Grandma's house was going to be chopped down to build a parking lot and clubhouse. I couldn't believe it! Some of the trees were more than 100 years old! My family and I wanted to do anything to stop it.

Later, I heard that the community board members were having a public meeting that the public could attend. Now, to some people, it would be a "bored" meeting. But to me, I couldn't wait to go. I went with my Kidsday pass, a notebook and some pens. I loved hearing people from both sides talking from their heart. Some people wanted to cut down the trees, but most people didn't. One person gave such important ideas I asked if I could write his name in a Kidsday article. His name is Woo Sung Park. He gave very straightforward reasons why the clubhouse and parking spaces would cause flooding, a higher temperature, more pollution, and it would destroy nature.

I was surprised because he didn't even live there. This meeting was so important. I was glad I was participating. It made me feel so important. I was the only kid there, except for two of my friends. I paid close attention to what everyone said. I felt proud to be at the meeting, especially since everyone saw my Kidsday pass.

Kidsday inspired me to go to the meeting, take notes, meet new people and, most importantly, be at the scene as the news happened in front of my eyes and ears. I didn't want to wait to hear it somewhere else.

By the way, the people won and the forest was saved. Thanks to Kidsday, I feel like being a reporter is extremely exciting. I can't wait for my next assignment and all the adventures it will bring.

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