Good Morning
Good Morning

How my bow-making hobby ballooned

I probably have around 1,000 bows. Yes, that is right, 1,000. I have so many bows, not because I bought them all, but because I know how to make them.

I have a bow in every color you can think of: sparkly ones, sports ones, camp ones . . . everything!

It's really simple to make them, as long as you have the right clips. My mom bought a bunch of rolls of ribbon along with the clips that actually go into your hair.

After watching my mom do this for several years, I started to make them. They just

started piling up, and before I even knew it, I had 1,000.

If you're wondering how I got into bows so much, it's because my mom put them in my hair when I was younger. My mom and I even make them for my friends.

We started to make other things, too, like bow holders, headbands and sometimes even jewelry. We have hosted bow parties, and I was a little helper. I helped people select things their kids would like. I was almost like a personal shopper.

I also would make the orders, and we had so much fun. If you are looking for a fun accessory, a bow is the thing to get, because it will look good on anyone, even adults. I love making bows, and I never want to stop.

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