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How my custom Penny skateboard led to a park cleanup

Penny Skateboards of Australia is a popular brand

Penny Skateboards of Australia is a popular brand of plastic boards. Photo Credit: Kidsday illustration / April Allegretto

I love skateboarding on Penny boards. It was a sunny day and I was on my dad’s old skateboard. I decided I wanted my own. My dad found a skateboard company, Penny Skateboards ( They are made in and shipped from Australia. What makes this great is I got to design the whole thing: the wheels, the bearings, the decals, grip pad and the color of the board. I got a free backpack that can carry the skateboard.

When my skateboard and backpack came, I was finally able to learn how to turn on the skateboard. Now I can do a few tricks. My dad wants to get me knee and elbow pads now.

My cousin, Jeremy, loves to ride a scooter. I like to ride a scooter but skateboarding is better to me. Jeremy and I asked to go to the skate park. When we got there, there was trash all over it. Luckily for me, my dad had an idea. He grabbed a trash can nearby, and then all three of us started picking up trash. Soon we cleaned up the skate park. It was actually fun to clean up the yucky trash in the park with my dad and cousin. Jeremy, my dad and I all started to ride skateboards and scooters together.


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