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How scouting has changed

The Boy Scouts go back to the 20th century and to a British army officer, Robert Stephenson Smyth


In India, he found out his men did not know first aid or have survival skills. He made a handbook called "Aids to Scouting" to help them out.

The purpose of scouting has changed from training soldiers to teaching today's youth. Scouting teaches the need for spiritual growth, good citizenship, sportsmanship, fitness, respect, making relationships, personal achievements, friendly service, fun, adventure and preparation for adult life.

Merit badges are badges you work hard to earn. These badges reflect the purpose of the Boy Scouts. In 1910, when the Scouts were founded, there were 14 merit badges. Since then, almost 200 have been added.

These merit badges reflect how people live. Some merit badges are given for everything from leather crafting, carpentry and horsemanship to skills such as aviation, beekeeping, beef production and blacksmithing.

Some of these badges have been modified to fit our current lifestyles. The badges we have today reflect our technology and modern times. Merit badges for digital technology, animation, multimedia skills and advanced computing are coming out soon.

As you can see, scouting has changed a lot in the past 100 years. I have been in scouting since age 6. I started as a Cub Scout. I really enjoy being a Scout because it encourages you to do a lot of things.

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