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How time can be on your side

It is very important to balance your school time, homework time, family time, exercise time, friend time and you time.

School time is what exercises your brain and gives you knowledge. Of course, every kid goes to school or gets home schooled. It is still the same thing for your brain, but you have to pay close attention to the person who is teaching you.

Homework time is important because this is what shows you understand what you've learned. It also can sometimes help you in your everyday life.

Family time is important because that is when you can talk about your thoughts, problems and solutions. It can make you feel better to get everything out.

Exercise time is important because it keeps you fit and healthy. All you have to do is exercise by running, swimming, biking or even stretching for about an hour.

Friend time is important because you can socialize like how you and your friends want to.

You time is important because you can do just what you want to do. It also gives you personal space.

It is very important to make time for everything.

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