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How to be a good goalie

Goalies need to concentrate and get used to

Goalies need to concentrate and get used to being in the spotlight. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Audrey Huang

To be a goalie is a big job, because you have to protect your goal so the other team does not score.

You have to wear a uniform to represent your team. You also have to wear safety gloves to protect your hands, and it is good to wear a helmet, but not all leagues make you wear one.

You need to be a good goalie and concentrate on what you are doing. You need to move a lot because the other team can score a goal, and you might lose.

I think that being a goalie is fun because it is good exercise for your body and helps your brain. I like playing goalie because it is good to be the hero, being the last line of defense. I also like that all eyes are on me in the big spot. My biggest problem with being goalie is I am afraid of the ball coming at me so hard. I have friends who are helping me with this.

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