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How to handle bullies

Have you ever been bullied before? If not, have you ever seen someone getting bullied? We have all witnessed someone being bullied. Here are some tips on how to handle each situation.

First, don't think you have to face it alone. You should tell a parent, teacher, principal or any adult that is with you. Don't ever keep it inside yourself because it could damage your self-esteem. The bullies need to be dealt with immediately. If they are bullying you, chances are they are doing it to others, too.

The next thing you could do is stick up for yourself. For example, if you are in a situation where someone is making comments about what clothing you are wearing, you could turn to the person and say something like, "Well, I like them so, it should not matter to you!" and walk away. You should feel good about your appearance and don't let others make you think twice about it.

Another tip would be if you see someone getting bullied, you should go over to the bully and demand that they stop it and leave the person alone. Then, take your friend and go right to an adult and tell them what happened.

Remember, always stand up for yourself and never let the bullies win.

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