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How to help kindergartners on the first day of school

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maggie Flaherty, Merrick

Kindergartners on the first day of school are not always very happy campers. There are always a bunch that are panicking because they are not used to the new school yet. As members of our school’s safety patrol we know how it’s difficult to keep kindergartners from getting upset on the bus ride to school and back home. So here are some tips on how to keep your kindergartners from getting upset on the bus.

n Ask the kindergartner what’s wrong. Tell them the good things about school, like making new friends, and how a lot of subjects in school can be fun. This can calm the kid down, and make him or her more comfortable going to school.

n Tell them they get playtime and we don’t. Tell them that playtime is so much fun and that they are lucky to have playtime. That should make them feel good and cheer them up a bit.

n You can tell them that kindergarten is the most fun grade in school. Then tell them that they’re super lucky to be going into kindergarten. It’s most likely to put a smile on their face.

n Tell them that they get to have class parties and pajama day! Tell them that both of these things are so much fun! You can also tell them that on pajama day they will probably get to have hot chocolate and maybe even watch a movie.

If all else fails, tell them a joke. We hope these tips helped you. We use these tips all the time. If your kindergartners are still unhappy, ask another safety patrol member for help or tell an adult.


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