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How to keep your skin moisturized

Kidsday reporter Carissa Scarry recommends moisturizer for kids

Kidsday reporter Carissa Scarry recommends moisturizer for kids with dry skin. Credit: AnneMarie Drosman

Do you get dryness in the winter? I do! But I know how to help that.

Here is what I do. Mostly my hands get really dry. The products I use for that is Aveeno. I use this product because it has all natural ingredients, such as oats. Oats are recommended by many dermatologists.

My legs get a little dry, too. A cream I use for my legs is Lubriderm. This cream contains water, mineral oil, sodium citrate, etc. This is a daily moisturizing cream.

My lips always get dry in the winter. I have a solution, though! The two products I use are Burt’s Bees and eos. Burt’s Bees is awesome for your lips. Very natural things are in it, like beeswax, vitamin E and peppermint oil (it also gives you a refreshing tingle). I use all of those products at night before bed. Then I wake up and all the dryness is gone.

You probably think this is crazy, but lemon in water is very helpful. Instead of drinking it, you put it on your skin. It is used for dark spots, blemish scars, uneven skin tone and oily skin. Instead of using face wash and creams, you can just splash some lemon water on it.

If you have dry skin, try this. It will work, trust me! Don’t you want flawless skin?

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