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How to prevent cyberbullying

Do you know anything about bullying? Well, you can tease, hurt, make fun of kids or call them names. Those are some ways of bullying. But, there is such a thing as bullying on the Internet. It's cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is when a kid is threatened, harassed, humiliated or embarrassed by another kid using the Internet. It is a form of bullying that is being done on electronic devices. You can harass other people that you know or don't know on the Internet.

Why do kids cyberbully others?

There are many reasons. They are often motivated by anger, revenge or frustration. Some kids do it just for the fun of it. Maybe because they are bored. Others might do it for laughs or to get a reaction. Sometimes, it may be an accident. They send it to the wrong person or didn't think before they did something.

How can you stop it? Parents can help. They can set rules about appropriate use of technology. For example, be clear about what sites kids can visit and what they are permitted to do when they are online. Tell them not to share anything that could hurt them or others. Tell kids to keep their passwords safe and not share them with friends. If you or your kids are being cyberbullied, here are some ways to stop it: There is help available (teachers and parents can all be helpful for people to talk to about your situation). Also, you can block the bullies from sending you messages or emails or stay offline for a while. Remember, it is not your fault.

Everyone knows it's wrong, so you shouldn't do it. (There will be consequences.)

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