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How we Reach for the Stars on Fridays

Kidsday reporters Skylar Mysliborski and Aimen Tabor enjoy

Kidsday reporters Skylar Mysliborski and Aimen Tabor enjoy Reach for the Stars photography. Credit: Brittany Crosser

If you like special activities that are good for the mind and body, then our school is the place to be every Friday. We have fun Reach for the Stars activities such as soccer, board games, photography, cooking and more.

SOCCER Our gym teacher taught us teamwork, how to make scoring easy and some moves. We played a couple of games outside and inside.

INFOMERCIAL We made a commercial to advertise a made-up pet product. We took a dog and we made an item to help a human have an easier life with the dog. We made a pulley to pull your dog around when he gets tired.

PHOTOGRAPHY We have cameras and we go around the school and outside and take pictures. We learned about different kinds of photography such as symmetry, background, framing, cropping, rule of thirds and leading lines. One time the group found a snake outside.

BOARD GAMES We got to switch to different games such as Monopoly, checkers, chess and a bunch of other things that the class played with. Monopoly lasted the longest.

LEGOS We built creations that could move, like a catapult and pulley. We built animals that couldn’t walk or run. They had only their head and eyes. But there was another group that built a robot that could throw a ball and could be programmed to move in different directions.

The newest Reach for the Stars groups include CODING — we go on our iPads to, and it lets us play fun games that tell us how codes work. In ENGINEERING, we build vehicles and we race them.

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