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How we rescued our dog, Champ

This winter, my family and I went to New Hampshire to go skiing. My dog, Champ, is a yellow Lab and loves to swim, even in the winter. We went to the lake to check out the beach. Before we knew it, Champ was walking across the frozen channel.

We started calling his name, but he did not turn around and he fell into the icy water. He was able to get his front paws up on the ice, but he kept slipping and he could not pull his hind legs out. We kept encouraging him to come, while my dad ran to get a ladder. I was feeling scared for Champ's safety. He was whimpering and crying. The ice was too thin to walk on, so my dad extended the ladder across the ice, thinking Champ would get his front paws to grab it.

My mom and brother grabbed a kayak. My mom slid across the ice to Champ in the water. She was able to grab Champ's collar and pull him up on to the ladder. My dad then dragged him across the ice to shore. My brother and I ran him to the house to dry him off and get him warm. Fifteen minutes later, Champ was out playing in the snow. My family and I will never forget that day.

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