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HRVY talks to LI kids

British music artist HRVY with Kidsday reporters Zachary

British music artist HRVY with Kidsday reporters Zachary Kasyjanski, left, Giovanni DiDia, Kaylee Craft and Natalie Lajara, all from Levittown, at the Universal Music Group offices in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday Pat Mullooly

We met and interviewed HRVY. Harvey Cantwell, better known as HRVY, is an up-and-coming singer from England, who rose to popularity on YouTube, and Instagram. He has an amazing voice and some really great dance moves. He just released his second EP, “Talk To Ya.”

When we first arrived at Universal Music Group in Manhattan we were amazed and at the same time a bit nervous. We weren’t sure what to expect, but when HRVY came in we all relaxed because he was so open, friendly and honest with us. We all had lots of questions to ask him and he was very nice to us and didn’t mind answering our questions.

Everyone always wants to know how someone becomes famous. When we asked him how long it took to become famous, he said that right now he feels like he’s not really famous but instead he’s popular. The video that set him off on his path was filmed when he was 12 years old. He filmed a video of the song “Titanium,” and it went viral. From there he has gone on shows and sings and dances.

We love his songs and were wondering which one of his songs was his favorite. He said, “Personal” was his favorite. We all agreed it was ours, too and we also like the video. We asked him if that video was filmed in a school in London. He told us schools do not look like that in London and he was very happy to film in a school in the United States. He really enjoyed filming the video because he got to be with his friend, YouTuber Loren Gray. HRVY said he was glad to pick her to be in the video because he enjoys working with her.

Wow! Singers have exciting moments in their careers. When we asked HRVY what was the most exciting or memorable thing that ever happened to him on tour, he said, “When I was in Australia on tour after a show we went on a boat ride. I was jet-lagged because I am from London and I fell asleep on the boat. So, I was left at a dock in Australia and my phone was dead. I woke up to the boat rocking in the pitch black and I was alone. The man who owned the boat told me everyone left and he said I take it you do not know where you are. So they drove me half an hour across Sydney to my hotel. It was the most scared I ever was!”

Did you know that HRVY is also an actor? He was involved in a show called “Chicken Girls.” So, we asked him if he had fun filming the show. His response was, “I had a blast and I liked all the people I worked with.” Even though he was only in a few episodes he really enjoyed filming. That made us wonder, if he didn’t want to be an actor or singer anymore, would he go to college? He was so honest in saying that right now he is pursuing his dream and in the future if he wants to go to college, he can always go back.

We asked him if he could do a duet with someone, who would it be? He said, “There are so many people I would love to do a duet with but if I had to pick one, I would say Ed Sheeran. He’s British as well and I think that would be really cool.”

We asked about his future goals and if he had one goal that he would like to accomplish, what would it be? He said, “One goal I want to accomplish is to sell out Madison Square Garden. Once I accomplish that I think I will have completed my goal.” He has dreams of doing other things too. If he could spend a day doing anything at all, he would definitely visit the North Pole. He thinks that would be a pretty fun trip. Also, he would love to be able to see the Northern Lights because that is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

We had a blast interviewing and meeting HRVY (Harvey) Cantwell. It was an amazing opportunity for us. He was super nice and had a cool British accent.

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