Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Hugs fo my brother

My 11-year-old brother, Tyler, has autism. He was diagnosed with autism at 18 months old.

Tyler likes music, swimming, ducks, bubbles and balls. Tyler could dribble a ball at age 3.

Tyler and I have fun together. We go to the beach; he loves the ocean. We love to ride the waves together. We also have fun jumping on our trampoline. We enjoy going on scooters together and playing the board game Balloon Lagoon.

One day, Tyler and I went surfing together with Surfer's Way, a group of surfers who take kids with special needs surfing. Tyler tried to use any surfboard in sight. Tyler really wanted to surf on another wave. We had a blast surfing and playing in the ocean.

We call Tyler the giggle monster because he laughs so much. His favorite thing to say is "hug-a-me." He loves big hugs. Even though Tyler cannot have a conversation, he can still tell us what he wants. Sometimes, I wish Tyler did not have autism so we could talk and play together more.

We have many good memories together. It is not always easy being Tyler's brother, but I love him very much.

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